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Vision care should be a part of your health and wellness regimen. At Ogata EyeCare, we offer quality eye care services to evaluate and improve your eye health and vision so you can live the lifestyle you enjoy most. Our goal is to help you maintain quality vision throughout your life. Here’s what you can expect from our professional optometry team.

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About Us

Ogata EyeCare is led by Drs. Dale and Daniel Ogata and serves residents in Tigard, Portland, and surrounding communities in Oregon. Our team of licensed optometrists have years of experience in the optometry field and are highly skilled in performing comprehensive eye exams, writing eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, and diagnosing and treating all types of visual conditions and non-surgical eye diseases.  

At Ogata EyeCare, we offer vision care services for your entire family. Each member of our team is dedicated to his or her profession, ensuring you and your family receives conscientious, personalized care. We’ll take time to explain our procedures, answer questions about eye issues and recommend the best options for correcting vision problems. We’ll work with you to resolve eye health or vision issues so you can have greater confidence in making wise decisions concerning your visual needs.   

What We Do

When you work with our experienced optometry team, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality eye care for optimal vision. As a full service vision center, we offer a wide range of eye care services like comprehensive eye exams, retinal scans and exams, diagnosis and management of ocular conditions and diseases, eye emergency care, dry eye and pink eye treatment, prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, eyeglass and contact lens fitting, visual field testing, and cataract and LASIK surgery co-management.

As a family eye care facility, we understand the importance of accurate eye exams for your children. Regular eye care is essential for young children as their eyes and vision are still developing in their formative years.  Children's eyes can change quickly as they grow, and even a child with 20/20 vision can experience eyestrain with reading and computer use.  For these reasons, our doctors recommend that all children have annual eye exams, during which they will be tested not only for clarity of vision but how much effort is being spent focusing.  It’s not uncommon for children to suddenly develop problems with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism over the years. Prescription glasses, if they are needed, will help improve your children’s vision to reduce their risk of accidents and enable them to keep up with their academic studies.  

See Your Optometrist Today!

To schedule an eye exam or consult with our optometrists concerning vision problems, contact Ogata EyeCare in Tigard at 503-624-0666, or in Portland at 503-281-1115 today. We look forward to meeting all your eye care needs!



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