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Caring for your eyes and vision is every bit as important as the other parts of your body. Failing to take action when eye troubles arise could lead to an escalation of symptoms. Contact Ogata EyeCare to make an appointment with our optometry team when difficulties are noticed and to maintain eye health as needed. Here are some eye care services our practice provides to our patients.

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Routine Evaluations 

It is best to see our practitioners at least once a year for a routine eye examination. During this type of exam, our optometry staff will check your eyes for any abnormalities and provide treatment if needed. Testing is conducted using various tools and equipment in the comfort of our practice. They are non-invasive in nature and our team will provide you with instructions before each test so you know what to expect. If you decide to have your pupils dilated to check for medical conditions of the eye in detail, bring along someone with you to your appointment to drive you after it has commenced. 

Vision Correction Services

During a routine examination, our practitioner will check your vision to see if you are in need of vision correction tools. To determine your prescription strength, you will be required to read information from a chart using different glass strengths to sharpen images as needed. If you are in the market for contact lenses, your eyes will need to be measured to ensure a perfect fit for your new vision correction tools. Our staff members are on hand to help you with the selection of eyeglasses frames or contact lenses. Instructions pertaining to contact lens use and care are also provided if you are a new wearer.

Treatment for Eye Problems

Our comprehensive examination may indicate you are suffering from an eye condition such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or a retinal tear or detachment problem. These conditions may be in early stages where you do not notice symptoms, however, our screening equipment will let us know if you are indeed dealing with one of these problems.

Symptoms may be noticed if you have a condition like dry eye syndrome, computer vision difficulties, pink eye, cataracts, or ocular diseases. Our optometrists will ask you about the symptoms you are experiencing and conduct a full assessment using state-of-the-art equipment. Treatment options are then discussed with you and administered as needed.

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Give Ogata EyeCare a call if you require an examination, have an optical difficulty, or need vision correction! Contact us today at 503-281-1115 in Portland or 503-624-0666 in Tigard to schedule an appointment with our optometrists or to ask questions about our services.


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